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Environmental Law


Environmental Law

Lewis Kappes represents businesses and assists them in compliance with environmental regulations as well as in resolving environmental disputes. Our experience includes judicial proceedings as well as representation before IDEM and the EPA. Subjects of environmental representation include:

  • Compliance with water, waste and air quality standards
  • Superfund and landowner liability
  • Environmental insurance coverage
  • Hazardous waste disposal
  • Licensing and permits
  • Environmental litigation

Lewis Kappes attorneys have written for environmental journals. We have defended clients accused of illegal dumping and disposal of hazardous substances, successfully mitigated liability for remediation expenses and resisted efforts by regulated utilities to shift financial responsibility for environmental compliance to our clients. In addition we have defended many companies in CERCLA actions.



Contact us to learn how we can assist you. Our attorneys assist individuals and businesses with interests in the Indianapolis, Indiana area, as well as Bloomington, South Bend, Fort Wayne, Lafayette, Gary, and Evansville.



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