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Commercial Lending

At Lewis Kappes, our business attorneys assist lenders and business owners with loan closings, small-business loans and commercial financing transactions in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana. Our commercial lending practice represents small-business owners, investors, state and national banks, and other lenders in commercial loan transactions.

Commercial Lending


real estate, land use & zoning

Ownership and utilization of land and buildings raise legal issues for individuals as well as businesses. Lewis Kappes provides representation with respect to transactions, negotiations, disputes and related proceedings concerning real estate, land use and zoning.

Real Estate, Land Use & Zoning

personal legal Services

Lewis Kappes provides a range of legal services to individuals and families. While Lewis Kappes is primarily known for its legal services to businesses, many of our satisfied business clients become personal clients as well. They know they will receive the same careful attention to the family legal matter as they receive for their business issue and they will be treated with respect and courtesy.

Personal Legal Services


Education Law

Lewis Kappes attorneys have extensive experience in education law and school representation. Our attorneys have a depth of experience and breadth of knowledge in the area of education law. They are able to offer full-service legal representation to any school client in all areas of the law. In addition, Lewis Kappes has represented schools, colleges and universities on a diverse variety of matters.

Health Care

health care law

The Indianapolis law office of Lewis Kappes has been working with community healthcare facilities and individual health care providers for many years. From our early days addressing a few specialized needs, this area of legal practice has blossomed into an important focus area of the firm.



Lewis Kappes provides complete and comprehensive legal services to non-profit organizations and boards of directors as well as to individuals, families, corporations and institutions involved with charitable organizations and giving. Our non-profit attorneys advise and assist nonprofit organizations on a broad range of general matters

Alternative dispute resolution

Lewis Kappes, P.C. offers a team of experienced litigators who are problem solvers with an ongoing goal of finding efficient and economical resolutions to complex disputes. We have an active Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) practice with certifications and registrations in:

  • Civil Mediation
  • Domestic Mediation
  • Binding and Non-Binding Arbitration
  • Settlement Conferences
  • Mini-trials

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Energy and utility law

Lewis Kappes is a leader in energy and utility law in Indiana. Our firm helps large consumers implement energy solutions and mitigate utility rates through regulatory proceedings, negotiations and court actions. We draw on our depth of experience to take innovative approaches to meet developing energy and utility marketplace demands.

Energy and Utility

Business and Corporate law

The founding partners of Lewis Kappes, Ted Lewis and Phil Kappes, were established business attorneys in Indianapolis before the firm was formed, and their corporate law practices have been the foundation of the firm's development. Lewis Kappes represents businesses from start-up to dissolution, performing many of the same services as in-house attorneys at large corporations.

Business and Corporate

Civil litigation

At Lewis Kappes, our trial attorneys work together to present the best possible case for clients in commercial disputes, breach of contract disputes, intellectual property claims, class action lawsuits, and conflicts with local governments. We represent local, national and multi-national corporations with business interests in Indiana, local governments, and individuals.

Civil Litigation

environmental law

Lewis Kappes represents businesses and assists them in compliance with environmental regulations as well as in resolving environmental disputes. Our experience includes judicial proceedings as well as representation before IDEM and the EPA.