Health Care

Lewis Kappes attorneys guide health care providers in regulatory compliance, human resources, and other business matters. We work with physician practices, community health care organizations and individual health care providers.

We have extensive knowledge of health care compliance issues and the special requirements and considerations that are unique to health care law.

Medical Practices

Lewis Kappes provides a wide range of legal services to help medical providers start, manage, and grow medical practices. We understand the issues involved in setting up new medical clinics and physician practices. We help with partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, management agreements, ancillary investment agreements, office leases and vendor contracts.

We help with:

  • Business law services to start up and manage your medical practice, such as partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, management agreements, ancillary investment agreements, office leases and vendor contracts
  • Day-to-day practice management services, including drafting and amending employee handbooks, professional licensure and credentialing, professional liability insurance, physician employment agreements, non-compete agreements (drafting and enforcement), non-solicitation agreements, FMLA, EEOC claims, and unemployment compensation claims and defenses
  • Legal guidance on staff training and office management to ensure regulatory compliance with HIPAA and other health department requirements
  • General counsel, mediation services and litigation representation to address legal challenges, including non-compete enforcement and injunctions
  • Shareholder agreements and employment contracts between physicians, practice groups, hospitals and clinics, including income guarantee agreements and recruitment agreements
  • Joint ventures with hospital systems
  • Separation agreements and non-compete agreements
  • Medical equipment procurement and leasing
  • Medical billing agreements
  • Sales and acquisition agreements for medical practices
  • Partner buy-in and buy-out agreements
  • Office development projects, including financing, sales, and leasing
  • Licensure disputes
  • STARK issues
  • Regulatory compliance regarding record management and HIPAA
  • Online reputation management

Medical Professional Contracts and Agreements

The Lewis Kappes attorneys regularly advise medical professionals (doctors, dentists, optometrists, and physician assistants) on:

  • Employment Agreements/Contracts
  • Severance and Separation Agreements
  • Non-Compete Agreements/Contracts
  • Independent Contractor Agreements

Community-Based Organizations

Lewis Kappes understands that community-based health care organizations have different needs than other businesses. Satisfying the requirements for nonprofit organizations and community-based health care organizations have the added challenge of navigating a myriad of additional federal and state operating regulations.

Lewis Kappes provides complete and comprehensive legal services to community-based health care organizations, their boards of directors, and providers. We have over thirty years of experience in all legal aspects associated with community-based health care organizations. Lewis Kappes regularly provides assistance and legal advice regarding:

  • Corporate Compliance
  • Vendor Contract Review, including license agreements
  • Commercial lease review and purchase agreements
  • Federally Qualified Health Center Governance and Program Expectations
  • Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization
  • Bylaws or Operating Agreements
  • Conflicts of Interest Policies
  • Co-Applicant and Affiliation Agreements
  • Memorandums of Understanding for Referrals and other affiliations
  • Agreements with hospitals for affiliation, staff, management services and other agreements
  • Advice on compliance with False Claims Act, Stark Law and Anti-Kickback laws
  • Applications for Tax Exemption
  • HIPAA and all aspects of protection of health information (PHI)
  • Primary Care Effectiveness Reviews
  • Risk management and litigation prevention
  • Personnel policies and procedures
  • Personnel and medical staff issues
  • Defense of employee claims
  • Monitoring and management of malpractice claims
  • Representation before the various licensing boards for health center providers
  • Training for board of directors, providers and/or staff

Board and Professional Staff Training

In addition, Lewis Kappes offers the following training programs to meet the needs of community-based health care organizations, their boards of directors, providers and staff:

  • Corporate compliance training
  • Program expectations training
  • Comprehensive Board training
  • Governance training
  • Training on specific topics as requested by our clients

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