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Citizens of Burma/Myanmar in the United States Can Qualify for Temporary Protected Status
Immigration  |  Thomas R. Ruge  |  03.18.2021 9:19 am  |  32238  |  A+ | a-
Citizens of Burma/Myanmar who have lived in the United States since March 11 of this year will be able to qualify for a special immigration status and remain lawfully in the United States. The federal government has designated Burma/Myanmar for Temporary Protected Status (“TPS”), as conditions in the country meet statutory requirements for ongoing armed conflict, temporarily preventing its nationals from returning safely. Applicants for TPS will be required to show proof of residence in the United States since March 11, 2021, that they are not a risk to the security of the United States, and meet other requirements. 

Citizens of Burma/Myanmar who want to learn what options they have for staying in the United States are encouraged to contact Tom Ruge or Sarah Burrow at Lewis Kappes by calling (317) 639-1210.   

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