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Appellate Court’s Order Allows for Public Charge Rule During Appeal Process
Immigration  |  Dallin Lykins  |  11.04.2020 3:11 pm  |  261  |  A+ | a-
All applicants for lawful permanent resident status and immigrant visas will continue to be required to adhere to the DHS Public Charge Rule and submit the necessary forms and evidence of their financial situation until a final decision is made by the Seventh Circuit. On November 2, the district court had ordered the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) could not enforce the DHS Public Charge Rule, but the order was appealed to the Seventh Circuit. On November 3, the Seventh Circuit, while not yet making a decision on the merits of the actual judgement, did order a Stay on the district court’s judgment while the entire appeal is pending.
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